SSL VPN uses port 443 for encryption just like all secure websites (those with “https://” in front of them). The only way to block an SSL VPN is to block port 443, and considering that more and more websites are using this port for secure transfer, it is not likely to be blocked.

TCP VPN Vs. UDP VPN: Which one is better? Jun 10, 2020 vpn - Windows Server 2012 SSTP stops listening to port 443 No, the VPN service is using SSTP and is expecting to connect through a listening port 443. If port 443 is not being listened to, the client cannot connect. – test Jul 21 '17 at 20:40 I understand that, I was just confirming that you received a failure of some sort on the connection attempt. SSL VPN Legacy EMC's SSL VPN infrastructure for Third Party users provides access to network applications and resources using the SSL VPN technology (TLS TCP-443 or DTLS UDP-443). ** Note: Typically https or tcp-443 port is opened in most corporations however for faster access have your firewall admins open UDP-443 to your authorized Legacy EMC SSL VPN

VPNv2 CSP - Windows Client Management | Microsoft Docs

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