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Remember anyway that only a professional SMTP server will guarantee that all your emails will be correctly delivered. Generally speaking, free outgoing servers like the ones associated to Gmail or Hotmail are not designed for mass email sending . Sep 22, 2012 · Outgoing Servers : Your Outgoing (SMTP) Server is used for sending emails. Common Outgoing Servers - South Africa only. All outgoing servers use Port 25 unless otherwise specified. Detailed below is a searchable list of SMTP servers for various ISP and E-Mail providers. In order to avoid any chance of problems when using Easy Email Forwarding we would strongly recommend using the corresponding SMTP server to the POP3 server which holds your account i.e. the account you are forwarding from.

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SendinBlue. The SendinBlue is again a very good free SMTP server provider which is easy to use and …

SMTP is the language that your email program uses to communicate with servers. When an SMTP server receives your email message, it looks at the message to see if there is a matching inbox for the recipient. If so, the email is delivered to the appropriate inbox. If not, the message is relayed to another SMTP server closer to the recipient.