Besides Netflix, what are the best apps to use PS3 for? User Info: LebronJames23. LebronJames23 4 years ago #1. could be anything, need suggestions. User Info: Cloudisthebest. Cloudisthebest 4 years ago #2. I just use Netflix and YouTube. Everything else is kinda lame or boring.

If you need to free some hard drive space on your Sony PS3, you will want to learn how to uninstall apps and games from the console. Uninstalling Apps From the main menu, use your controller to highlight the app in the list, but don’t press “ X ” to open it. The very best ps3 can do is playing whatever files are in your PC over network media servers. It's not a ps3 app by itself, actually it's DLNA sharing which permits you to do what I mentioned above. PS3 Emulator Apk for Android is the ultimate way to play all the PS3 games on your mobile phone. To do that, you need to have the ps3 emulator apk, and an android device that’s it. Android smartphones are getting powerful & efficient day by day, the need for the gaming consoles like Play station or Xbox is getting lesser. Jul 19, 2018 · Hope you have understood the need to use a PS3 Controller app on the Android device to remotely control the console. Download PS3 Controller App for Android Free No Root – BlueputDroid. Installing the PS3 controller on any android device is pretty simple; it may take a bit of time to set up everything before you actually start playing with it. An official YouTube app is now available for the PS3. With the YouTube app, you can experience YouTube in a whole new way Jun 20, 2020 · PS3 FREE ISOs / PKG Games Direct Links - PS3 Playable Games List - Emulator . It's possible that you've been so consumed by L.A. Noire or MLB 11: The Show that you haven't realize that your PS3 can do more than just play games. With a few tweaks to your settings, and some

Your phone as a remote: With a quick pairing process, you can control YouTube on PS3 with a smartphone. Find a video on your phone and with a button it'll play on the big screen. While the video is playing you can control it from the phone, or keep browsing YouTube for the next one.

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Aug 03, 2017 · Using PS3 apps like Pluto TV can get you free live TV and on-demand movies. Learn about other free, little-known ways to stream on PS3. Nero Media Home is the only of our five apps to cost Say what you like about how the PS3's games library stacks up against the 360, it's hard to deny that it's a far lovelier media player. Mar 14, 2013 · Connect your android to your ps3 via media server( Check Description for Latest 2020 Updated Video) - Duration: 4:56. The BlaZeriZer 714,842 views The PS3 Netflix app has been changed recently and the result of the change is that the app sometimes uses its own list of DNS servers as opposed to the one you specified in Network settings for performance reason. This breaks geo-unblockers like Unblock US, at least from time to time. Aug 30, 2012 · The PS3 doesn't have all its bases covered when it comes to sports apps, but at least baseball fans are never left wanting with MLB.TV. Offering live HD feeds from matches across the globe, MLB.TV Nov 15, 2019 · Launch your PS4, navigate to the PlayStation Store, and then choose Apps. Step 2. Again, the Disney Plus app should show up under new, featured, or suggested apps. And you can also use the search feature to locate it. Either way, select the app once you find it and access its main menu. Step 3