Jun 01, 2019 · How To Reinstall The Older Versions Of Apps On iPhone & iPad: Open the app store on your iPhone / iPad. Now, search the application whose older version you want to install. Click on the “install” button.

How to Reinstall Older Version of Apps on the iPhone & iPad Nov 09, 2019 ‎Amazon Alexa on the App Store This app no longer works properly. For the past several weeks, I’ve gone to several different stores to shop. Before I leave home, I make a shopping list, but when I get to the store the app won’t open. I get the comment “No Network Available” “Please connect and try again”. Reinstall or restore iOS on a malfunctioning iPhone or iPad

How to Install Apps That Are Missing from the App Store

How to reinstall App Store apps on Macs and iOS devices iPad users can tap the App Store app, tap the Purchased icon that appears at the bottom of the screen, select the Not On This iPad tab, scroll through the list of programs, and tap the cloud icon

How to Install Apps From Your Computer to an iPad via

How do I reinstall the App Store on my iP… - Apple Community Aug 25, 2015